Packing packing

2707 Portland Street has been my home away from home for more than 9 month now. Indeed I am going to miss this place and the fantastic people here. I am not able to imagine it right now, but I am not going to be here for the next FOUR months!

I don’t know who will go and buy milk on every alternate day there!

I don’t know who’s going to cook that amazing “Sabudanyachi Khichadi” or “Palak Paneer” or “Batatyachi Bhaji”.

The 3 idiots

Who’s going to crib about everything in life!

Who’s going to solve the ultimate “dhamadhol”?

Who would it be at the receiving end of all those abuses :p

The Happy Singh!

Who would say at 11:30 pm, “chal re Ralph’s, do six pack leke aathe hai”.

Who’s going to mimic “Campus Cruiser, where-you’re-located?” and laugh their ass out?

Man! I am going to miss it!

It feels like I am on a turn once again, too soon.




One thought on “Packing packing”

  1. lavkar lavkar internship sampav ani motha ho! 😛
    mag ajun dhammal karu Fall 2012 madhye… good luck mitra!

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