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Phase shift

It’s been more than three months now since I left India and started studying at USC. It’s been great so far and I am really enjoying everything out here. The weather, the university, the courses, the people, the everyting! :p


I was talking with some of my college friends yesterday on google’s hangout and that’s what made me write this post.

The experience of talking with people from VJTI was so refreshing! ( Thanks Deshpandu and Khajiv!  🙂 ) It’s surely is one big family!

It made me go back in time! I’d read post from my seniors mentioning how they miss being at VJTI, the quad, the canteen and so on.. but I never knew what that would be like in real! I had been so busy with the projects and assignments at USC  (never did them at VJTI :P) all this while that this emotion was somehow not popping up. Yesterday it did!

I was talking with some people from a batch junior to me and I felt like going back! Sit on the stage in the quad.. basketball.. the lukhagiri,, the spontaneous plans.. man I am missing it.. big time.

The phase has changed and I have to change with it. But I consider myself very lucky to know such awesome people from VJTI.

Miss you guys!

Aamchi aai tumchi aai……