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32 weeks bits of MSFT

  1. MSFT is awesome!! Every aspect of it.
  2. People are passionate about their work and inspire you!
  3. The impact of your work is incredible
  5. $$$$$$
  6. Awesome perks!
  7. STEVE B can make you emotional at the company meetings
  8. I <?3 Windows Phone!
  9. Fantastic roommates!
  10. Summers in Seattle beats any weather conditions in the world, hands down.
  11. Program Manager  = (Define what we need to do + spec it + drive it to success with Devs and Test )*features
  12. Active Directory = (Almost) Everyone uses it somewhere or the other, knowing or without knowing! #ProudToBeAPartOf
  13. Nissan Altima = Fabulously smooth car!
  14. Cafe43 = one of the best cafes on campus
  15. ProClub = the place where you go once a week for gym or whatnot!
  16. Windows 8.1! You have to use it to love it.Image
  17. Worklife balance = 10/10
  18. Miss those internship days! Don’t miss a single opportunity to talk about them.
  19. My Manager = A person full of energy and passion who drives the entire team!! 15 years and running!!
  20. Weekends = Xbox + bowling + movies + Hikes + sleep
  21. Lunch = Team members + Cafe43 + all sorts of discussions
  22. // is eqal to waq waq #MSFTLingo
  23. We dogfood everything!
  24. New people, new friends, love it.
  25. SEAHAWKS!! Newly found awesomeness! GO HAWKS!!!
  26. It has to be on your outlook calendar if it’s going happen in the future.
  27. We bing google.
  28. giving (donations) is in the culture here. We do things like playing poker, running 5k marathon around the campus for charity 😉
  29. $$$$$$ 😉 😉
  30. We move the world and as my recruiter had said in his presentation, “if we stop working, the earth will stop spinning!” I know how true that is! No kidding.
  31. I use chrome, but I also use IE at work. :p
  32. It’s been 32 weeks bits already!!! Time flies! Ready to fly with it.