3D Cube Art

One day before Rubik’s Cube Mumbai Open 2010, I with my team were finalizing the venue and the infrastructure there. During the publicity rounds of Technovanza 2010, we’d done some decent portraits and were somewhat bored of it. Thinking of doing something new has always inspired me. And Shazam! Here was the next idea. 3D CUBE-ART.

Front View

We had around 1200 Cubes lying around and idea of 3D art, all the ingredients required for mad cubers to spend their next 2 hours. We started thinking of the design and surely nothing could have been more elegant than “a cube of cubes”.Well, and why not follow the color convention?? The final idea of writing RCMO on 2 sides came intuitively. πŸ™‚

We started making a solved cube of 11x11x11. ( Don’t calculate now,it’s 1331.)Β  Soon enough we realized that making a solid cube is not essential.

The Other side
Fron the top
WCA and RCMO πŸ™‚

Instead we can just make the walls. Also, we didn’t have that many solved cubes anyway.( yep, not even one side solved) The position of the Big Cube was on a high table , so a visitor could not notice that it’s a hollow cube.

Just loved it! πŸ™‚

He could just see the F-B-R-L faces. πŸ™‚

The Other side top view..

This was really aΒ  new experience for all of us. Usually we started with the design in hand, but here we designed the text and the shape on the spot.


The whole idea worked out really well and gave a whole new look to the tournament venue. I was really happy and impressed with my team.



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